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I was walking on Exmoor last summer, a beautiful blue sky above, I had about a mile hour of play from anywhere, when I took the smell of a roast. followed the delicious aroma, and became a partner of forty years to enjoy your lunch in one of these portable grills. I waved and wished Goodday and reacted in the usual English to comment on the weather and how nice it was, we talked a minute or so. l realize that the lady is really suitable for walking, a white blouse with a short skirt and long legs bare feet with a pair of strappy sandals in it. The lady offered me a drink dressed, took me and then sat on her blanket to eat sandwiches and enjoy a nice glass of wine. (Debbie and Bill ) were a local couple (like me), and we talked for a long time, I have a camera on the roof, he mommyfucktube realized what I (Nikon) I said to Bill ' good camera, use it much, as he walked '? ' More than the problemssent to mommyfucktube do, ' he said, and that Debbie looked at him. I realized what she meant and showed them some of the photos I had taken that morning. ' anything like mine, ' Bill said : 'I must show,' Debbie said : ' Oh, go ahead, ' she replied, Bill gave me the camera and could see immediately, Debbie obtained a variety of poses striptease, blouse open up. the leg shots row, etc. praised them in their poses and Bill busy with his photography ', which get more interesting as they continue,' said Bill, and it certainly has, before I was completely naked, poses with Debbie in all possible positions Search vacuuming and licking her breasts, legs open shots shows a neatly trimmed pussy acouple different with a vibrator. once praised both and told them also I have a lot of photos of my wife and we have hundreds of people in our private collection. Debbie was not so nervous after I had said, and they said they just broke for lunch before they appeard take a little longer. ' I just finished my lunch and then let him. ' Contact Debbie and other visual Bill and Debbie said: ' You do not have to be able to stop and see if you like ' If I like it very well, I was sitting with half a hard and could not wait to see the beginning, Debbie 'has to pee,' and said that she went to the bushes. When asked about how Bill left me 'a couple of pictures of us together, as we have always wanted to ask someone, but until now never had the opportunity,' ' Believe me, the pleasure 's mommyfucktube all mine,' I replied be. return Debbie and Bill said he had asked me to do the photos. 'You better get on with it then it had,' she said, and therefore ventilated blouse and skirt, she was naked beneath me and my God, who had a beautiful figure. I drank in its beauty, in his own words! yes, look set to a black body by a, black shirt, black leather miniskirt and black high-heeled shoThere, she fixed her hair and makeup and went. Tit of photos mommyfucktube on the leaning tree and had his hands on themselves, so provocative Touge the camera (and Bill and I), then mommyfucktube turning and looking sexilly to me, as she unbuttoned her blouse and up first and then the other, her nipples were long and swollen and she moans softly mommyfucktube rubbed her nails on her as she did, went out of the skirt, and she was playing to the rafters with her ​​breasts, before spreading winds around thos beautiful legs open, her wet crotch sunlight shone as she licked a couple of fingers before putting them in himself, complained loudly as he slid deep into the ankles and slide it out and rub gently on her clitoris. ' Fancy a few,' said Bill. That brought me back to my senses, I was with Bill watching Debbie I had forgotten part. 'Could be safe,' he said, and I quickly broke away to them, all kinds of t dohings himself. Bill suddenly at her side, naked and supports a good rigid erection. Debbie deprived of his catsuit, reaching its 10-inch vibrator, she licked and then knelt before giving any right to the bottom, eyes closed and his mouth was open as the vibrator entered the life, Bill came forward and fed his cock into her mouth, Debbie, who took every corner, is supplied to most of them in the mouth, the hands of Bill in the back of his head and began his fucking face, while all the time with the Vibro Debbie fucked up, popping noises coming from her mouth and pussy next was incredible, the juices were running, the inside of the thighs were captured on film, as mommyfucktube getting some great close-ups was Bill said: 'I will come,' ' come, then, ' mommyfucktube said Debbie, 'come all over her face and mommyfucktube tits. ' This bill growled and backed away a little. Debbie furiosly masturbated him and within seconds, a long series of hot have been poured out his throbbing tool, since the fires a shot at all in her hair, her face and down over her tits, dripping from the ceiling, her tits. Bill stepped back and became breathless and started to sink his hard cock. Debbie was as high as a kite, sperm, and it was with Bill and rubbed his body with his finger mommyfucktube roll to get on the roof, 'God, I need a tail,' he lamented. 'Sorry treasure,' said Bill, ' unless you want to fuck you mommyfucktube Colin' Debbie looked at me through half-closed eyes and said, ' Could you please Col 'm so needy. ' was naked in seconds my cock hard and throbbing, no foreplay, kissing or anything I just between the legs and pushed my meat in it with a firm push, bury my 6 1 / 2 inches depth that and I went for it, simply pull and push back in so fast and so hard as I could, in just a few minutes and mommyfucktube I was almost there, ' I'm leaving', I said, 'where want? ' Until my pussy as much as I can, fill my pussy come with the ' they said, and believe me, I have to pull on it and filled his belly with my hot juice. which had been removed and there was Bill. Knips said ' a favorite few good shots,' he told her ' good', he said, 'give Colin the chamber, and lay down, ' he said, and he did just that Debbie said . ' It is these please, in the movie ' and placed between her legs and straddled front of Bill, he knew what was coming and let him go, that love me and their juices flowing from her pussy for all your face, Debbie was franticly rubbing her clit, while her juices were running, and then came 'Big Time', he exclaimed, as one then two, then three powerful orgasm ripped through them, this was not as if they come later, he began to urinate on sperm washing your face and neck. That was amazing, and I did not want to miss them. Bill had hardened cock again and he gave the ONTor knees and quickly caught behind before emptying into it. had enough of one to take his place and hard to get inside as soon as I fucked her and finally got my somewhat limited search for hardened Bill. All collapsed again in mommyfucktube the roof and had a drink before dressingand say goodbye and thank each other for a great ' lunch. ' We exchanged phone numbers and have since been a couple of times, either for a set or just hit me and Debbie. I'll tell you, this time.
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